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Destinova, the Alternative Rock Quartet from Leverkusen (GER), fills every stage with passion and flame. ​


In 2006, the band was founded under a different name. The boys learned to play their instruments mainly in a band, which resulted in a very unanimous sense of rhythm. They have already toured Germany and Great Britain several times, as well as Poland and Slovakia and have increased their stage performance through more than 200 gigs of experience.


In 2014, the band decided on the name Destinova, on the one hand named after a character from a manga, on the other hand also derived from the two words "destination" and "nova" in the sense of "new", which together means "achieving new set goals”. In the same year they released an EP with a video release of the song "I Count the Miles" and a little later in 2017 a full length album called "Nameless Goat". ​


After a few member changes, the band now consists of the two founding members Tim on lead vocals and rhythm guitar and Thomas on bass, as well as Marius on drums and Pömie on lead guitar. The four musicians mainly use instruments from the genres of alternative rock and alternative metal, while impressions from post rock also flow in. But you will also notice a Stoner Rock and an Indie Rock character in their sounds. They not only supply energetic headbangers with hard soundboards and intense screams, but also serve the passionate music lover with flowing instrumental sounds and passionate vocals.


The band lives out their enthusiasm for their music visibly and audibly, so that the neck pains that remind you of the previous evening are inevitable, both for the audience and the band members. However, this does not mean that it only has to be rough and brute, because the band does not shy away from acoustic pieces, on the contrary, an EP is already planned for the future in which some of their pieces will be reinterpreted as unplugged versions . ​


One could compare the sound of Destinova with the earlier music of Incubus, with Alice in Chains or the Foo Fighters. Linkin Park and Nirvana also had a big influence on the band. ​ In addition to the already mentioned upcoming Unplugged EP, their new full-length album "Pieces" will be released on October 7th, which they will promote with a tour through Germany. In addition, some music videos for the titles of the new music release are planned.

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